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Most Caring Pet Grooming Services in Fort Wayne, IN

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To keep your pet healthy, you know that you have to buy it nutritious foods, give it plenty of water, make sure it gets regular exercise, and keep it away from hazards. However, many animals also need another step—they need regular pet grooming from a professional.

Covington Veterinary Hospital features one of the most caring pet groomers in the area. We don't charge you a fortune for our specialized services, either. Our Fort Wayne, IN veterinary hospital offers top-notch care for reasonable prices. We'll do everything we can to keep your pet at ease during its grooming as well.

Boost Your Pet's Health and Happiness
When you bring your animal family members to our Fort Wayne, IN location, they'll reap the following benefits:
  • Animals feel a happiness boost after pampering, just like humans do.
  • Your pet won't have long nails that snag on carpet or upholstery, leading to less damage around your home and fewer injuries for your animal.
  • Your dog or other animal will not have matted hair or fur that hides bacteria and insects, so your pet won't catch any diseases from anything living on its body.
  • Animals also accumulate dead hair that could make them overheat, and grooming takes care of that problem.
  • Long-haired pets won't have fur that covers their eyes and obscures their vision.
We work with both dogs and cats. If you have a different kind of animal, give us a call before bringing it to our hospital. Keep in mind that we do dental care as well. If you need to give your animal family member a thorough pampering in addition to pet grooming services, we can care for its teeth too.

Schedule Your Pet's Appointment
Call Covington Veterinary Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN at (260) 432-0571 to book an appointment with our groomer. You'll make your pet happy, and you'll reap several benefits as well